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Penalty Fever Plus

Description: Soccer penalty shoot-out game.Help your squad to win the title in one of 10 competitions with more than 300 teams.


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53 reviews for Penalty Fever Plus

Review by Alex

well its an interesting game to be honest but i seem to keep getting knocked out of the cup by the small club e.g southampton norwich but i suppose thats the luck of the cup i suppose

Review by arran

i keep getting knocked out easily its to hard to score

Review by ryan

yes i suppose it is alex

Review by ryan

i agree alex it is the luck of the cup and sometimes it is pethetic

Review by Nick Rowlatt

Well unforuantly i am an arsenal fan and its rather boring becasue we dont win many cups. But i won the fa cup on here so im quite happy because its the first time ive seen my taam win a cup waheyy p.s im gay

Review by Bob the pirate

Well im a pirate but im nowrich city till i die and i do agree with you ryan this games anoys me to its rather pethtic.

Review by Sam the fireman

well i am a fireman but i love cheesecake. does anyone else like it ? Anyway i am a huge socer fan and i support port vale thorugh thick and thin till i die home and away.

Review by john the jolly giant

hi i like this game its a good game and i would recomed it to most people and im a exerter fan and i won and we wouldnt win it

Review by john the jolly giant

hi im john and im a exeter fan i would recomed this game because i won the cup but that wouldnt happen in real life so play it

Review by john the jolly giant

this game is so annoying i cant even get past the first rouund can u make it a bit easier please

Review by john the jolly giant


Review by john the jolly giant

hi penalty fever players

Review by John the reading fan

FINALY!!! after playing this game for over 18 months i have won the Englsih cup with reading im so happy. Ive had so much fun playing this game but i think its time for me to stop now But anyway Thanks Penalty fever plus John the Loyal reading fan

Review by Harrinder Singh

i'm really pissed of that luton aint on here coz im a luton mig and i think theres nothing better than an away cup game up north with the lads and a few pints. Big up the luton ps if u are the watford fan i bricked i was drunk plus its your fault for beeing dirty scum u pussy

Review by Archie Mitchell

After Dying i saved my will money and bought a pc in hell. its so agravating because im a huge norwich fan and the truth is i died in an away fight with milall. norwich i always get to the final and get nocked out buy a big team like leeds :@ Big up Norwich

Review by Jim the fireman

Hey guys this areply to sam he firman and im also a fireman and i also love CHEESECAKE!!!! so me and u have quite a bit in common so heres my digits 078679076547 call me cheers babe

Review by Misa

Son unos idiotas si este juego no les parece bueno

Review by Misa

Son unos idiotas si este juego no les parece bueno

Review by john and jimmy

hi guys

Review by jimmy

hi is alex there

Review by curtis

crap game always get noked out in quarter final par

Review by lucy beale

i am sorry to say im pregnant.the dad is a boxer and a parents r makin me av the baby waaahhhhhhh

Review by Paul Peeee


Review by forest fan

i support the sick nottingham forest 2 times champions of europe p.s 0 champions league

Review by kristian barnarrd

hi im a man city suppourt and i think that man u are better than man c our players and manger are shit plus i suppourt liverpool i also raped rohbino

Review by Shaney The Mank

Hi im shaneyboy10 i love sir alex ferguson i would do him up the rear end, I love rooney and i hope his ankle gets better beacause i gave it a lucky shaney kiss And.... Jay Michel Rimmi wants torres and gerrard to go to Manchester City BEACUSE THEY ARE SO CRAP!

Review by jack adams

im a massive liverpool fan bruv and i support them when they get bare eggy wiv us.

Review by jay rimmer

hi my name is jay rimmer and i bum liverpool fc steven gerrard and i take it up the ass we love playing in the eurpa league. the manks can beat us aswhere p.s torres is shit

Review by dave the scouse man

ermmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! we are so sik like we hate united chelsea arsenal real madrid tottenham villa everton west ham and leeds. p.s you'll never walk alone!

Review by jay rimmer

im a liverpool and i sopport the biggest club in the world we have the champions league 5 times.and i won the eurpean cup on here p.s beat that alex and tom.

Review by shane hobbs

im a man u fan but luckily 4 us referrees tend 2 cheat 4 us adding on 7 mins added time. but fergie got wat he deserved a 2-0 beating by the mighty reds!!!!!!!!!!. p.s united r crap.

Review by fred

Ello ello we are the chelsea boys ello ello we are the chelsea boys and if you are a totenham fan surrender or u die coz we all follow the chelsea WE HATE TOTENHAM WE HATE TOTENHAM WE HATE TOTENHAM p.s i also hate arsenal , liverpool united qpr west ham and leeds

Review by kristian barnard

im a man city fan but with all money we have we still cant get any were. mancini out benitez in. p.s i am a mig

Review by Ryan Smith

Oi bluds all of u batty men leaving gay messages i know what school use all go to so im just gunna come down on thursday after school to bang u all out u pussyholes

Review by pengting

call me b 07654349824

Review by jim the sailor

a hoi mateees im a massive plymouth fan and i won the english cup i live by home park across from the sea. the happiest day of my dull live.

Review by Jake the mig

Well er if u think you can fight them come down to where me and my migs sit init coz will fuck up big time!!! i chased oxford threw bury park! sound

Review by Jay rimmer

Well ermmm tbh im not very good so i really cba to play it anymore but i am a scouser so well ill keep going unyil im bare sik init blud.

Review by tom hudson

sik ting i won the english cup with the famous arsenal that is the first cup for 6 years so im bare happs about the ting.

Review by joe perry

i keep losing because i cant kick it out 4 a throw :( ps im a bender:)

Review by Jack jennings

Boom boom boom pow boom boom booom im so 2008 and ur so 200 and late gotta get that boom pow

Review by mariam daneil

i gt bum raped

Review by james

u all rape this game !!

Review by Kaydi

Such a deep anwser! GD&RVVF

Review by bobblehead

it is so sick tbf,i rate it a 10 so get p-laying :)

Review by dewi

sick game (wrexham fan)

Review by kilo


Review by Dan rose

This game is so good i wank off hard to it, and jizz in my mouth ly xxxxxx

Review by connor

illious muamba is in intensive care

Review by Wolf Gang

You guys suck I won like 13 times

Review by Briia

I had no idea how to approach this befroe-now I'm locked and loaded.

Review by Imam

I would like to ask that the admin gave me his cheat

Review by foakleys

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